Spam User Registration in WordPress: How To Reduce Unwanted Signups

If your website runs on WordPress, you’ve probably experienced the conundrum of unwanted spam user registrations. Typically, these registrations are entered on a subscriber-level only, but excessive registrations can overload your inbox, and can lead to real problems with your website.

Spam users can have a negative effect on a site in several ways:

  • Hacking – Spammers can exploit vulnerabilities in your site for illicit purposes.
  • Decreased Performance – If your site carries too many registered users, it increases the size of your database and can slow down your website.
  • Unsolicited Content – Spam users can and often do post unsolicited links to other spam websites that can get you penalized or worse, banned, from search engines.

There are many plugins and techniques that site owners can employ to limit WordPress spam user registration. Today we will discuss a few of those options.

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Eight Free WordPress Themes That Don’t Look Cheap

If you’re just getting started with WordPress, choosing a theme for your website can be overwhelming – and often costly. But when you hear “free WordPress themes,” words probably spring to mind like bland, vanilla, amateur, or even hidden malware.  But not all free WordPress themes fall into the bland-vanilla-amateur-computer-virus category. Here are ten that you can download and customize, and nobody will ever know you didn’t shell out a dime for the design.

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A Review of Two Google Calendar Plugins for WordPress

Incorporating a calendar into your website can be crucial, but it can also be a headache, especially if you want a calendar that works across different systems. Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendar systems because it’s easy to use with WordPress, and talks to virtually every other system. There are several useful WordPress calendar plugins you can utilize to display your calendar of events based on your individual need.

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Maintaining a Membership Site with Premise for WordPress

Ten years ago, the idea of building a membership site was so daunting that many people simply chose not to do it. But in 2013, it’s easier than ever. And thanks to the Premise plugin for WordPress, you can now create a 100% unique membership area of your website through simple and easy to navigate menus.

With Premise, your members will have a positive on-site experience. You can customize levels of access, add, and remove members with just a few simple clicks. And Premise allows you to accept payment from multiple third party vendors to ensure your members can use the exact payment method they feel most comfortable with.

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How to Add PDFs by Uploading into WordPress

One of the most popular file formats on the web is Adobe PDF and many site admins would like to offer brochures, marketing materials, bios, and other documents available for download on their WordPress website.  With a click of a button site visitors will be able to view, save, or print your document right from your website.  This tutorial will guide the site admin through the process of how to add a PDF into WordPress pages or posts.

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How to Create and Use Menus in WordPress

One of the most powerful features of using WordPress as your Content Management System is the ability to easily create, use, and manage menus in the Dashboard administrator area.  This article is not about how to use menus in the design process of a website, but rather, will show site administrators how to organize content into easily navigable menus after WordPress has been installed and your site designed.

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The Top 5 Absolutely Essential Security Plugins for WordPress

Recently, I woke up one day to find a number of my clients’ websites shutdown by the infamous Google “Reported Attack Page” error.  While I successfully defended off the hack attack, I discovered a number of really great WordPress plugins for improving your site’s security that I would like to share.  Like most people, security was not a top concern of mine.  Most people just go “Eh, it’s gonna happen to someone else” or “I’m a small operation, no one will hack me”, but unfortunately, it is usually the smaller sites that get picked on since they lack the resources necessary for a full security operation.  In this article, I will show you the top 5 absolutely essential security plugins for WordPress, where to find them, what they do, and why they’re important.

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How to Add a Featured Image in WordPress

Ever wondered how people get that featured image for their blog post when they share it on a social media site like Facebook?  Or how bloggers set which image will display in homepage sliders, sidebar areas, or lists of blog articles on their WordPress homepage?  This article will teach you how to add a featured image in WordPress and get rid of that boring default image you always see on a beginner’s blog.

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Complete Guide to Free Blogs at

Most people when they start blogging spend hours searching the web for random, usually unhelpful, tips on how to get moving.  E3 is happy to announce the launch of our first flagship content piece, the Complete Guide to the Free Version of WordPress, which will provide a carefully organized, step by step approach to teach the fundamentals of blogging with the free version of WordPress, available at  This guide will teach even the most hopelessly computer illiterate how to register their blog, write posts, add media files, and much, much more.  So don’t just sit there, pick a topic, a passion, a hobby, a career, or whatever, and start blogging!

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How to Install a New WordPress Theme

Want to know how to install a new WordPress theme?  It is easy with the help of this step by step guide.  There are two different methods for installing a new WordPress theme, depending on whether you have selected a free theme or have purchased and downloaded a premium theme.

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