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Maintaining a Membership Site with Premise for WordPress

Ten years ago, the idea of building a membership site was so daunting that many people simply chose not to do it. But in 2013, it’s easier than ever. And thanks to the Premise plugin for WordPress, you can now create a 100% unique membership area of your website through simple and easy to navigate menus.

With Premise, your members will have a positive on-site experience. You can customize levels of access, add, and remove members with just a few simple clicks. And Premise allows you to accept payment from multiple third party vendors to ensure your members can use the exact payment method they feel most comfortable with.

Customizable Membership Forms

The process for setting up your membership form is simple and easy to follow. You can set the exact fields you want members to fill in, eliminating guesswork on your part. In turn, users won’t feel bogged down by having to give you too much information and you’ll be able to collect the exact data you need. You can also customize the checkout areas and create unique thank-you pages based on membership level or specific product purchases.

Once a new member has signed up, they are automatically added to your email distribution list. This eliminates the headache of manually exporting and uploading the data from your membership site to your email software.

Offer Promotions and Discounts at Any Time

If you run special promotions to recruit new members or you plan to offer discounts on specific products, you can set discount settings in your membership forms. You set the type of discount you are offering (specific dollar amount or percentage), start and end dates for each discount. You can also create specific discounts for specific products or services. The options for managing promotions and discounts are virtually endless.

Secure Members-Only Content

Members want to know that they are the only ones who have access to your premium content offerings. There is nothing more embarrassing than discovering your members-only content is actually visible to non-paying visitors. Premise holds your premium content in secure folders that are only accessible by members with user ids and passwords, so you won’t have to worry about an information leak.

Create a Community Within Your Membership Site

You can create your own community within your membership site with Premise, thanks to its ability to create forums. In these areas, your members can network with one another, share information, ask questions, and more. Forums are not only a useful way to engage and connect your members, but they also bolster a sense of belonging to a group. A strong community of members can lead to a higher renewal rate and an increased level of participation and interaction with your organization.

Generate Useful Sales Reports

Premise also allows you to easily generate sales reports so that you know in real-time how your membership is faring. You can view all members, see what those members have purchased and on what date, and view how much they have spent. You can set the exact dates you wish to view, and sort your results as needed.

Premise is Simple but Feature-Rich

With the Premise plugin you can create a 100% unique user experience for your members without having to know a single line of code. The fact that it is so easy to use is quite deceptive, given the number of features available.

It is important for paying members to feel as though they are getting their money’s worth and that they are made to feel special.  This plugin allows you to build a unique membership site that is simple to set up, easy for visitors to use, and includes as many features as you like. With Premise, you can create a sense of community and a feeling of prestige among your paying membership, all within in a safe and secure framework.

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