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About E3

We began as a web design company, developing creative yet effective web sites designed to attract and convert customers. With the meteoric rise of online video, we soon began providing video marketing services for our design clients as a way to enhance their websites and their online marketing efforts.

But over the years, we began to see great value in offering our clients compelling digital storytelling and complete brand development services. Today, the E3 Media Group is comprised of a talented and passionate collection of strategic branders, creative storytellers, and analytic experts from:

Covalent Creative | Ionic Design | Valence Consulting

This approach is unique. We don’t try to be an agency that does everything for everybody. Instead, we bring together teams of individuals with unique and specific talents. We carefully choose which elements to combine that will best help a client reach their goals.


Story + Optimization

At E3, we combine the art of storytelling with the science of optimization. The art of digital marketing lies with people. Their preferences, their values, and even their fears. We help brands connect with their audience on both a practical and an emotional level so that they can build lasting, meaningful relationships.

The science of what we do lies in the data - understanding the rapidly-changing digital landscape and matching the elements of a story that will resonate with the target audience. Our research and our clients’ goals inform every aspect of a campaign.

Strategy without story will only take you so far. In order to create real results that will elevate your brand and deepen customer bonds, science and art must be combined.


Brands That Work

We work with brands of many shapes and sizes. Some are new to the marketplace, and others have been around for quite some time. How do you know when it’s time to enlist the help of a digital media group like E3? Our clients come to us when they have a need to:

Rejuvenate an existing brand

Launch new products or services

Change product or service offerings

Elevate their online presence

Gain a competitive edge

Close the gap between the customers they have, and the types of customers they want.


Tell Your Story…

The success of our clients is what drives E3 Media forward each and every day. We are an independent company. We don’t have shareholders. We don’t have an outbound sales army. We answer only to our clients, and we strive each day to exceed their expectations. We combine our passion with our clients’ vision to create effective strategies that deliver measurable growth.

Digital marketing is much more than just search engine optimization or creative copy. It’s the bonding of many elements. Your organization has a compelling story to tell. E3 Media can help you tell it. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to digital marketing.

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Before we begin, we break down the goals of our engagement into its most essential parts. We work together with you to set expectations, and we will discuss potential outcomes.



We evaluate your current positioning, and examine the competitive landscape in your brand category. Throughout the research phase, we’ll gather perspectives from your key stakeholders to help us frame our work. We’ll take inspiration from your input, as well as from forward-thinking organizations outside your category that target the same personas. From there, we develop a quantitative and qualitative knowledge base for your company that will guide concept and strategy.

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Concept & Strategy Development

With your goals in mind, we’ll take our research and use it to determine the best way to reach and connect with your target audience. We’ll map out creative deliverables and share our execution plan. Once the direction has been defined, we begin the creative process of building the narrative and technical concepts that will drive the strategy in a way that fully addresses your brand initiatives.



Our work is created in-house and on location by our team. From idea to delivery, we handle the creative and the technical aspects of production. Each deliverable is optimized and handed over on time and on budget.

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Our team has had the honor of working with companies small and large, from educational tech firms to healthcare services operations. We invite you to browse our online portfolio, then contact us to learn more about how E3 can help your brand combine the art of storytelling with the science of optimization to help you reach your goals.

E3 Media is a comprehensive creative, web design, video, and digital marketing group based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our goal is simple: tell our clients’ stories with maximum impact, creating real and measurable results.

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