The Missing Element That’s Ruining Your Email Marketing

Video email marketing is one of the most underutilized yet highly effective means of communicating with (and selling to) customers and prospects. Most businesses engage in some form of opt-in email marketing, but these same companies often aren’t getting the most for their money when it comes to inbox messaging.

So what’s missing?

Video can take your email marketing to a whole new level, increasing engagement and ROI.  But according to a survey of marketing executives conducted by The Relevancy Group, 75% of marketers aren’t using videos in their email campaigns. Three out of four marketers are ignoring this highly effective strategy, leaving the door wide open for savvy marketers to swoop in and start generating more business.

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How to Setup Thunderbird for Professional Email Accounts

One of the best ways to build brand legitimacy is to use a customized, hosted email address, such as  Creating a professional email account not only improves your security against viruses and spam, but also makes it easy to configure special options like email forwarders, graphic signatures, and mobile account access.

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