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Why WordPress is Better than an HTML Website

Tens of millions now use WordPress as a website and well, it’s time you moved out of the basement and upgraded your website.  WordPress has been around for over ten years now and is running some of the biggest sites out there.  Sites like Hulu, Fisher Price, Pepsi, and Best Buy all use WordPress as a website – just to name a few.  Read more to learn why WordPress is better and how it can take your web presence to the next level.

WordPress as a Website - CMS

It’s a CMS (Content Management System) NOT just a blog.

Say what?! Yes, it is a common misconception that WordPress is just a “blog”. But when we use WordPress as a website it comes with an easy to use admin area for you. Just log in to your Dashboard and start managing the content on your site yourself, like a pro! No need to contact your web designer to do something simple, like add a page or post a picture. From any computer, on any browser, anywhere…

WordPress as a Website - Revenue Generation

Revenue Generating Flexibility

Everyone wants to earn an income with their website, and with WordPress as a website it’s versatile for virtually all monetization strategies. Whether you’re setting up an online payment system for a store or you’re a blog using Pay Per Click advertising to earn a living, we can set it up in no time. Check out our blog post, How to Earn Money Blogging with WordPress for more info.

WordPress as a Website - What Can it Do
OK, I’m excited. What can you do with WordPress?

Using WordPress as a website is perfect for:

  • Personal, brand, or company blogs
  • Shopping Cart sites
  • Job hunting and online resumes
  • Portfolios
  • Event calendars
  • Members-only sites
  • Video showcases

And much, much more. Let us know your vision, we can code it.

WordPress as a Website - SEO

Wait, SEO? I like that, I think…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of setting up your site with search engine friendliness in mind. We guide you through the whole process, from choosing the keywords to target, to optimizing each page of your site for higher rankings, SEO is an absolute must have. We use the very latest software and plugins to make your SEO campaign the most competitive out there in your keyword market. Plus, with WordPress as a website, you’ll literally eat and breath SEO packed content.

WordPress as a Website - What is a WordPress Plugin

Wait, wait, what the heck is a Plugin?!

WordPress plugins are much like Apple’s Apps. It gives WordPress designers the freedom to add all kinds of functionality to your site. Want a Jobs Board for your career page? Or a contact form? How about a pay per download area? Using WordPress as a website comes with plugins we can use to customize how your visitors interact. Not only are we familiar with hundreds of the top of the line plugins out there, but we can also custom program your own functionality if you need to.

WordPress as a Website - Social Media

Social Media Sharing

With WordPress, we can have your blog posts publish AUTOMATICALLY to your outposts like Facebook and Twitter. Build an audience and pull together a following from your peripheral accounts all over the web. Drive them to your home base and convert those visitors into sales or followers. More visitors, more traffic, more links…means higher search engine rankings!

WordPress as a Website - Comments

Connect with your visitors in a whole new way.

WordPress allows visitors to leave comments at the bottom of posts and pages. Ask your customers to leave a quick testimonial, or have your fans drop you a line after your newest video release. Comments allow you to engage and connect with your audience and your customers in ways no website platform has before.


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  1. I transfer from Blogger To WordPress and within the starting I had some problems adjusting as a result of Blogger is far easier to manage…but the value-added incentives that WordPress offers has created the switch undoubtedly worthwhile.

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