November 20, 2013 E3

Legal Issues with Domain Ownership [VIDEO]

In the first class of E3’s new course “Keeping It Legit” we will introduce viewers to potential legal concerns and issues with website management.  The series is broken down into roughly two parts:

  1. Your website’s “legal integrity” – with topics ranging from domain ownership to copyright infringement and;
  2. Dealing with third parties – with topics ranging from cyberbullying to privacy

The first class will provide viewers with some basic information on what to look out for when registering a domain name.  Domain registration is usually first come first serve, however, the first person who registers the domain name might not be the real owner of the domain name.  The register of a domain must do so “in good faith” – in which case trademark violations or “ill will” when registering a domain name could cause one to lose their domain registration.

  • The rest of the class covers information including:
  • How the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names works
  • What personal information is required to be publicly posted in order to legally register a domain
  • Reregistration and impersonation
  • Domain hijacking
  • WHOIS search tactics
  • And much more!

This class is a MUST-HAVE overview of the fundamental legal issues that can pop up with domain registrations.  The rest of this course will cover critical website management concerns that every web master or small business owner should be aware of.

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