December 4, 2013 E3

Legal Considerations with Domain Names [VIDEO]

Hello everyone!  I’m Chris Sherwood and welcome back to the Keeping it Legit course and Part 2 of legal issues to consider when dealing with domain names.  This class will cover the UDRP and how to protect your brand when hostilities may arise with trademark infringers.

This class will ensure you have a fundamental knowledge of how domain name registration, arbitration, and trademark works not only here, but throughout the globe.  This class is critical for webmasters and brand owners when they are planning for the future or dealing with potential litigation.

Learn how registering your domain name means you agree to comply with arbitration, and how complaints are won and lost based on the three factor test – which includes whether the domain name was registered in bad faith, whether you registered your trademark, and whether the other party has any legitimate interest in the domain name.  Not only that, but learn what happens after the legal proceedings and what must be done to remain compliant with the law.

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