How to Add PDFs by Uploading into WordPress

One of the most popular file formats on the web is Adobe PDF and many site admins would like to offer brochures, marketing materials, bios, and other documents available for download on their WordPress website.  With a click of a button site visitors will be able to view, save, or print your document right from your website.  This tutorial will guide the site admin through the process of how to add a PDF into WordPress pages or posts.

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How to Add a Featured Image in WordPress

Ever wondered how people get that featured image for their blog post when they share it on a social media site like Facebook?  Or how bloggers set which image will display in homepage sliders, sidebar areas, or lists of blog articles on their WordPress homepage?  This article will teach you how to add a featured image in WordPress and get rid of that boring default image you always see on a beginner’s blog.

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