Eight Quick Tips for Marketing with Vine and Instagram Video

Vine and Instagram are great for sharing quick and amusing video clips with friends and followers on social media. But figuring out how to incorporate short form video into your marketing strategy can be a bit tricky.

How can you leverage the power of short form video to market your business? Here are ten quick tips to get your creative wheels turning.

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How to Use Instagram Video to Market Your Business

The early verdict is in – users love Instagram Video. Many businesses and brands that had been effectively using Instagram classic were poised to benefit from Instagram Video when it launched earlier this summer.  Some others, however, may still be unsure how to use Instagram video effectively.   Video is one of the best ways to connect with your customer base – that’s why TV commercials have been around for so long. Just like television marketing, there is no one right way or best way to go about marketing through Instagram. But before you produce an Instagram video or video series, it may help to understand a little bit more about the platform itself.

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