How to Install a New WordPress Theme

Want to know how to install a new WordPress theme?  It is easy with the help of this step by step guide.  There are two different methods for installing a new WordPress theme, depending on whether you have selected a free theme or have purchased and downloaded a premium theme.

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How to Find the Right WordPress Theme for Your Blog

Learn how to find the right WordPress theme for your blog and get that custom look you have been looking for with this tutorial.  Installing a theme is very easy if you just follow this step by step instruction.  First, we will show you how to shop for a free theme using the built in Feature Filter.  Then, we will look at some things you should consider when selecting the right theme for your needs.  Finally, we will discuss and list some popular premium theme market places for purchasing a top of the line theme.  Once you’ve found the perfect theme, check out our article on How to Install a New WordPress Theme to get it up and running.

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