The Top 5 Absolutely Essential Security Plugins for WordPress

Recently, I woke up one day to find a number of my clients’ websites shutdown by the infamous Google “Reported Attack Page” error.  While I successfully defended off the hack attack, I discovered a number of really great WordPress plugins for improving your site’s security that I would like to share.  Like most people, security was not a top concern of mine.  Most people just go “Eh, it’s gonna happen to someone else” or “I’m a small operation, no one will hack me”, but unfortunately, it is usually the smaller sites that get picked on since they lack the resources necessary for a full security operation.  In this article, I will show you the top 5 absolutely essential security plugins for WordPress, where to find them, what they do, and why they’re important.

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Step by Step Guide to Setting Up the Akismet Plugin

After installing WordPress on your web server, you will notice that there is a default plugin that comes pre-installed.  This is the famous WordPress plugin known as Akismet and it provides your blog with virtually complete spam protection for absolutely free.  It does not come activated by default and you will need to configure a few simple settings to get it up and running.  In this blog post, E3 provides a step by step guide to setting up the Akismet plugin on your blog.

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How to Do a Complete WordPress Backup

Making regular backups of your WordPress website is critical for data security and long term success.  In this post I will show you how to do a complete WordPress backup, by outlining the proper backup method you should be using as well as provide discussion on general backup questions.  There are many cyber threats to your blog, ranging from a natural disaster at your web host’s location, a new computer virus, a debilitating hack by a competitor or prankster…and the list goes on.  This article illustrates the most complete backup solution for your WordPress website.  Please note that you must backup both the files and the database of your website, otherwise you’ll be out of luck!

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