Five B2B Video Marketing Myths Debunked

Many B2B companies have been slow to adopt video marketing as part of their content development strategy. Traditional forms of content marketing like white papers and case studies are still the favored mediums of B2B companies. What’s holding these brands back from joining the hundreds of successful companies marketing their products with video campaigns? The following five myths are some of the most common misconceptions about B2B video marketing.
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The Top Ten Branded Viral Videos Of All Time (Unscientifically Speaking)

What are some of the best branded viral videos of all time? Depends who you ask. There are a lot of ranking lists floating around, and the criteria can be a little murky. Most of these lists are based on total views, but even that can be misleading. For example in AdAge, they rank Blendtec’s “Will it Blend” campaign as one of the best viral videos of all time. But they count every video in the entire campaign, not just one breakout success. No big deal. However, in the same list, they separated out the Old Spice campaigns into individual videos. So who is to say which branded viral videos are truly the best?  We could spend all day watching awesome old campaigns, so we thought we’d bring you a list of cool videos from recent and bygone history, but we’ll spare you the (non)scientific data. These are just awesome viral videos we love and wish we’d come up with.

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Eight Quick Tips for Marketing with Vine and Instagram Video

Vine and Instagram are great for sharing quick and amusing video clips with friends and followers on social media. But figuring out how to incorporate short form video into your marketing strategy can be a bit tricky.

How can you leverage the power of short form video to market your business? Here are ten quick tips to get your creative wheels turning.

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Local SEO Strategy and YouTube: Using Video to Give Your Efforts a Boost

Last month we talked about blogging to improve your local SEO efforts. But words alone aren’t enough to help propel you to the top and keep you there. A truly robust localized content strategy will include text, graphics, and of course, video.  We rarely think of video as geographically-specific, but with proper YouTube optimization, you can use your videos to boost your local SEO efforts.

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How Educational Videos Can Give Your SEO A Boost

There are countless ways to incorporate video into your internet marketing strategy, but educational videos are often overlooked. Simple videos that teach your visitors new concepts or take a deep dive into important principles can be a great way to engage your audience and attract new visitors to your website.

Internet marketers and SEO professionals often talk about video as “link bait,” a way to tempt others to link to your website. Positioning videos as link bait means that companies often over-think their videos. They go out of their way to try to be funny or entertaining, and unfortunately, this often ends in a flop.

But educational videos can be a great way to gain natural links and diversify your link profile. Developing a video series like this means you don’t have to try to be funny or cute, you can just be yourself. You can show off what your business does best, help your visitors reach their own goals, and position yourself as a go-to for information.

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B2B Online Video: Do Decision Makers Care About Video Marketing?

As mobile and online search continue to grow at exponential levels, much has been written and studied on how to market to consumers through video. Less has been discussed about the value of B2B online video as an effective means of increasing sales.

Fortunately Google and Forbes Insights recently paired up to conduct a study on how video has impacted B2B. They surveyed 306 US executives whose companies report sales of over $500M.  Of these executives, 58% held C-level titles and the reminding 43% were at the senior, decision-making level. These executives came from a variety of industries including finance, information technology, business operations and management.

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SEO Basics for YouTube Videos

People are often surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. We typically think of it as a place to watch cats doing adorable things or people doing incredibly stupid things, but a majority of users are searching this video site for useful information. There is an entire segment of internet users who prefer to consume information through video rather than through text. For that reason, the videos you post should be optimized for search.

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Five Reasons Nobody is Watching Your Video Content

The moment when internet marketing experts declared video content marketing to be a solid tactic for gaining traffic and rankings, the floodgates opened. Suddenly everyone began slapping videos up all over their websites. Unfortunately, most of these videos did nothing to help traffic or rankings, because nobody was watching them. Creating video for video’s sake is no way to generate clicks to your content.

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How to Distribute Videos Online to Video Sharing Sites

While YouTube makes up about 80% of the online video market, there is still that other 20% nobody wants to ignore.  It makes sense to spend most of your time creating and optimizing a YouTube Channel, but you still will want to distribute your videos beyond YouTube to get that extra traffic.  The only real question is whether distributing your content to other online video sites should be a major or minor part of your internet marketing strategy.

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Top 10 Benefits of Corporate Online Video

Social media is becoming a standard channel for instant communication and internet marketing.  One increasingly popular part of social media is online video.  Corporate and business websites are particularly paying close attention to online video.  It is a new way to engage your customer audience.  Online video builds brand legitimacy, educates your customers, and gets them interested in a highly effective way.  Not only is video being used for advertising, but it’s also becoming a common method of communicating and sharing the benefits of your product, service, or business.

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